Stay in Lisbon By HUB
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Stay in Lisbon By HUB

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24/7 Access to Co-Working Space
Communal Kitchen
Dedicated Desk
Female-Only Dorm
Free WiFi throughout
Laundry Facilities
Security Lockers



About Stay in Lisbon By HUB

Right at the heart of our city Lisbon, in Picoas, we have the most privileged location, right next to the main shopping and leisure centers.
All our Rooms and Dorms are furnished with all there is needed for students and remote workers.
Our Hostel has open spaces and accessible common areas, including a ready-to-use kitchen, living rooms with TV, a game room, co-working space, bar and vending machines, and a large terrace so you may enjoy the Portuguese sunny days, even in winter time 🙂
As safety is our number 1 priority, the building has 24/7 surveillance, and together with SNS and OMS, we keep all areas up to health code.

Co-working at Stay in Lisbon By HUB

Our hostel has a private co-working room with daylight and individual desk to provide all necessary comfort and quiet to work.
With a balcony so you can take a break, stretch your legs and take a deep breath … to continue working

House Rules

  1. Reception (working schedule): Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm. Support provided by a staff member or by phone/email.
  2. Quiet Hours:
    1. Floors and Terrace: from 10pm until 8am next day
    2. Common areas (except terrace): from 11pm until 8am next day
  3. Common area kitchen available 24 hours
  4. Common area cleaning: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 7pm
  5. Room cleaning (cleaning service hired): Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 4pm
  6. Survey visit to room: Management saves the right to visit a room for furniture or amenities check.
  7. Residents are not allowed to remove any furniture, drill holes or paint the walls, without previous agreement with hostel management.
  8. It is not allowed to have large electronic appliances inside the room. For smaller electronic appliances, agreement from management is required.
  9. The Resident is responsible for every guest that visits the hostel, avoid the practice of illegal or unhealthy activities.
  10. Residents should keep a civilized behavior and healthy neighborhood, respecting the period of silence.
  11. Is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the good state of conservation, functioning and cleanliness of the place, facilities, equipment and also the common areas of the building.
  12. You are responsible for making prudent use of the room that must be returned is good condition.
  13. No parties allowed, without the knowledge and consent of the Hostel management.
  14. No Smoking allowed and no fireplace can be lit.
  15. No drugs usage allowed.
  16. No pets allowed.
  17. You must inform the unit of any damage that occurs in the building / rooms and report any failure of the mechanical or electrical equipment existing in it, as well as its need for repair or replacement. If they result from misuse or reckless use by residents, the costs will be borne by them.
  18. Any visitor to be received by the resident requires prior authorization from the Unit. It should always be requested by email.
  19. If the visitor stays overnight, a payment of the amount of 10€ per day must be made no later than the day of the visit.
  20. In the event of the visitor not sleeping in house, the visitor may stay at the facilities of the unit until 11 pm (closing time of common areas).
  21. The unit is not responsible for loss or damage to its residents assets;
  22. Any improper behavior, damage caused or loss of property, under the resident’s responsibility, will imply the application of our list of infractions. It will be available for consultation whenever the resident requests it. This price list is subject to the updating of values according to the value of the goods / products in the market in force at the date of the occurrence.
  23. Security deposit: after inspection at check out, if it turns out that the room / studio is not in good condition (damage to equipment / furniture or unauthorized changes), we will immediately proceed with partial or total retention in accordance with the value of the damage / changes.
  24. Purchase of extra equipment at the reception: we will have some of the following equipment available:
    1. iron
    2. ironing board
    3. broom and vacuum cleaner
    4. hair dryer
    5. These items are available as a loan and for a maximum of 24 hours. In the case of non-return, you will be subject to a € 50 fine.
  25. All residents must respect and comply with the unit’s internal rules regarding COVID19.

Additional Charges

This hostel may be required to collect a small tourist tax from you upon arrival.


You could stay here with HostelPass!