Hans Brinker Hostel
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Hans Brinker Hostel

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24/7 Access to Co-Working Space
24/7 Reception Staff
Bike Rental
Communal Kitchen
Free Breakfast
Free Coffee
Free WiFi throughout
Security Lockers



About Hans Brinker Hostel

We welcome expats, students and young professionals across the globe to take up temporary residence in our humble abode in the city center of Amsterdam. Whether you desire a private room or you’re looking for a place to share with your best friend or a friendly stranger, we’ve got you covered.
We’ll have to disappoint anyone looking for spacious personal terraces or luxurious hot baths, but our charming staff is ever-present, our delicious drinks at the bar are dangerously close, and we are situated right in the Amsterdam city center, so all facilities are a mere stone’s throw away!
Did we mention the bar comes with happy hour and the room includes breakfast?

Co-working at Hans Brinker Hostel

Our hostel has a lovely lobby where you can co-work and enjoy our free wifi. It also includes free tea, coffee and soft drinks.

House Rules

– Smoking is prohibited in the hans brinker hostel except for the specifically designated outside areas.
– The hostel assumes no responsibility for the costs of fire alarms set off by illegal smoking or manipulation of smoke detectors wilfully manipulated on site by the offending parties. These costs must be paid immediately on site by the offending parties.
– Pets are not allowed.
– Bringing illegal substances into the hostel is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate dismissal and notification of the proper authorities.
– It is forbidden to apply nails, screws, or any other foreign objects in walls, floors, doors and ceilings.
– It is forbidden to make holes in walls, floors, doors and/or ceilings.
– Unauthorized access to the property will be reported to the proper authorities.
– Bringing weapons into the hostel is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate dismissal and notification of the proper authorities.
– Inflicting damage to the room, inventory and/or decorations or theft of property from the hans brinker hostel shall be charged to the person responsible.
– Please avoid noise nuisance between 22-7 o’clock in-and outside of the hostel.
– Hans brinker hostel is authorized to refuse access to the hostel when violating any of the house rules in place.
– The hans brinker hostel is not responsible for damage to, or theft of personal property.
– Make sure you clean up after yourself and that the shared kitchen Is properly cleaned and taken care of.
– HB Cleaning is mandatory once a week.
– Please contact reception to signal fire and or smoke, unpleasant activities or threats, fights, accidents and / or injuries.

Additional Charges

This hostel may be required to collect a small tourist tax from you upon arrival.


You could stay here with HostelPass!