4 Quick Tips for Making Friends in Hostels

Whether traveling solo or with some pals, staying a hostel is likely going to be a new, communal experience. Making connections or even starting a conversation can seem daunting, so here are four quick tips for making friends while staying in a hostel.

1. Ask Questions

It’s your first day in a brand-new city, and all the Internet research you can do can’t compare to talking to someone about their personal experience. Finding the folks who’ve been in the hostel for a few days longer than you have won’t be tricky, and they’re extra tip in the city before you will be helpful to planning your own city adventures. Asking them questions about which tourist sites were really worth it or what time is best to show up to that club downtown or which cafes have the best coffee is a great way to start up a conversation with someone new and to gain some valuable information to help make your trip the best it can be.

2. Invite Someone

Imagine this: you’re traveling alone, you show up to a hostel and don’t know anyone or anything in the city quite yet. For some, solo travel without any interaction with others is the dream. For others, solo travel can get real lonely real fast. If you’re traveling with a group — or by yourself for that matter — it never will hurt to extend an invite to the solo traveler who’s looking a little lost. They might turn you down, or you might have a great time walking the streets of Prague with a new friend.

3. HostelPass App

One of the great features of the HostelPass app is the chat service. You can chat with other HP users from across the globe before you even show up to that city or hostel and ask them questions about what their experiences have been like. Even cooler — you can chat with other HostelPass users who are staying in your very hostel, maybe in the bunk above you! Sometimes a quick virtual chat is an easier way to get the conversation rolling than approaching an almost-stranger in real life. That being said, though...

4. Be Brave

The art of making friends always requires a bit of risk, but the vast majority of the time, things turn out great. Take the little leap and just talk to someone in your hostel. You’ve already got some stuff in common: You’re in the same city and in the same hostel! “So what brings you to Barcelona” is a great icebreaker question.

Making friends on your trip may not be your top priority, but talking to people from other cultures from all over the world is an experience that will be worth it every time. What are some of your favorite conversation starters?


Images courtesy StockSnap

Victoria Greenwald