Eastern Europe Pass

Eastern Europe Pass

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Limited time only! Get a fixed-price HostelPass starting at $105 from June 2017 - September 2017. 

Popular destinations on the Eastern Europe Pass:
Prague, Budapest, Istanbul, Athens, Dubrovnik, Split... and many more!

You: How does this thing work?

Us: Get your pass now for the number of nights you want to stay at the best hostels during your trip. Nights do not have to be used consecutively and do not have to all be used at the same hostel. Your pass is for your whole trip, so just get the number of nights you intend to spend in hostels before heading out, and then let us do all of the work once you're ready to book. You just need to let us know the city that you want to stay in at least 72 hours before you intend to stay (but the earlier you book, the better your hostel is likely to be).

You: So how do I book?

Us: In your purchase confirmation email, we'll send you a link to book your hostels. Whenever you want to book, just head over to that link and take 2 minutes to fill in the details of your city and dates of travel. Once that's done, we'll send you a confirmation email within 24 hours that we've booked you at a hostel we know you'll love.

You: How do you know I'll love my hostel?

Us: The founders of HostelPass have spent the past year traveling to nearly every hostel that we work with, making sure that these hostels are up to par and of the highest quality. We are both previous travelers ourselves, and we have high standards, so we have assessed each hostel for location, atmosphere, staff friendliness, amenities, and value. We also will be asking you to clarify a couple of quick details about the type of adventure you're looking for so that if you want a very social experience, you get matched at a very social hostel. Also, if having a kitchen or a female only dorm is very important to you, we're going to make that happen.

You: What happens after you've booked me at a hostel?

Us: All you have to do is show up! There will be no money exchanged (that's what this pass is for), and the friendly hostel staff with make sure that you have a great stay.

You: What if I need to cancel a booking?

Us: If you want to cancel a booking, just make sure to do so 48 hours in advance of the scheduled stay so that you can get those nights added back to your pass. If you cancel a booking less than 48 hours before your stay, you may be subject to losing one night from your pass. You can do this by replying to your confirmation email from the booking you wish to cancel.

You: Where can I use my Eastern Europe Pass?

Us: The Eastern Europe Pass is valid in all of the following cities (listed by country):

Albania: Berat, Tirana
Belarus: Minsk
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mostar, Sarajevo
Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna
Croatia: Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Zagreb,
Czech Republic: Prague
Estonia: Talinn
Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki
Hungary: Budapest
Kosovo: Pristina
Latvia: Riga
Lithuania: Vilnius
Macedonia: Ohrid, Skopje
Moldova: Chisinau
Montenegro: Budva, Kotor, Podgorica
Poland: Krakow, Warsaw
Romania: Bucharest
Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad
Slovakia: Bratislava
Slovenia: Ljubljana
Turkey: Istanbul
Ukraine: Kiev