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What is HostelPass?

HostelPass is a pre-paid, fixed-price pass for accommodation at the best hostels in Europe.

Travellers pay for the number of nights they’d like to stay in the top hostels before their trip, and then book their hostels via our app or website.

Our pass prices are fixed for the travellers, but we honour your hostel’s rates, so there is no need to adjust any pricing for us.

When a traveller is ready to book their hostels, they input their preferences into our app, which allows us to carefully curate the hostels based on their needs. This helps eliminate bad reviews because, as we know, bad reviews most often come from a difference in expectation rather than something that the hostel did.

We market specifically to American students and recent grads who love to travel.

Why join us?

  • Special marketing to American study-abroad students who travel during the low-season.

  • Easy on-boarding: If you’re on Hostelsclub, you can simply opt-in to HostelPass once your hostel is approved.

  • Guaranteed payment from HostelPass for bookings that come from our channel

  • We’re a hostel-friendly OTA. We sort hostels by traveller preferences, not by the commission we get.

  • We’re always here to listen. As a startup, we’re able to incorporate your feedback into the core of our business.

  • If you’re in, you’re one of the best: Becoming a member of HostelPass marks you as one of the best hostels in Europe. We’re quite selective, and our travellers know it.

  • We get you great reviews: Our algorithm finds the best hostel-traveler fit available, and puts your hostel front and centre for guests that are looking for exactly what you’ve got.

  • We’re made by travellers, for travellers.

Ready to get started?

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About Us

HostelPass is your fixed-price, pre-paid Pass for the best hostels in Europe and beyond. Hostel prices fluctuate throughout the year making it impossible to budget accurately for your trip. With HostelPass, you are paying one fixed price per night, helping you budget in advance. No need to compromise on fun activities and adventures!

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