What is HostelPass?

HostelPass is the first pre-paid pass for travelers to stay at the best hostels in Europe. Our customers buy nights for a fixed-price that can be used in every city in Europe that we work in. Once they decide on the city and dates for their booking, they tell us their preferences through our mobile app. Afterwards, the traveler gets to select from three hostels curated for them and enjoy their stay.

We curate hostels to our travelers according to their preferences – not according to the commission we get paid. This way, your beds will constantly be filled with satisfied guests who will liven your hostels and treat them with care.


Why join us?

  • Get customers for free
  • Low discount rate: only 10%
  • Happy guests that don’t have to worry about payment
  • Special marketing to American study-abroad students who travel during low-season
  • We are a hostel-friendly online travel agent and promise that we will always listen and reply