HostelPass is the first fixed-price pass for accommodation at the best hostels in Europe. Pre-pay for the number of nights you want, book your favorite places from the hand-picked selection of hostels on our app, and go live your best travel life. It’s that easy (mostly because we’ve done the hard part).
Once you’ve figured out how many nights you want on your pass, you can use our app to book hostels at any time by selecting your cities, dates, and preferences. We’ll curate and, most importantly, vet each hostel for their overall location, vibe, and cleanliness so all you have to do is show up, have fun, and go explore the city you’re in. Since you’ve pre-paid for your nights, you can keep going (or take lots of little trips) until you’ve used them all. We think it’s cool too.
You can use your HostelPass to book hostels in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Prague and Rome. We’re constantly adding cities to HostelPass. If there’s a city you’d like to visit but don’t see it on this list, drop us a line.
You’re in Europe for a good time, not a long time. Hostels are a place to make the most of your trip and meet new friends that are down to explore with you. The people you meet in the kitchen, your dorm room, or maybe even the bunk below you usually give the best recommendations, and sometimes they’ve just come from where you’re going. Best-case scenario: you’re both traveling to the same place next and booked the same hostel through HostelPass. And, one more thing… definitely go on the hostel-organized events. You can thank us later.
We’ve explored Europe to discover the best party hostels, designer hostels, trendy hostels, social hostels… you name it. If it’s a hostel in Europe, we’ve tried it. We would never put you in a hostel we wouldn’t happily stay in ourselves, and we have high standards. Looking for a more science-y answer? We also use an algorithm that filters through our hand-picked list and combines your preferences for the perfect match. Think of it like Tinder for hostels, but with zero disappointment.
Your HostelPass is valid for one year from purchase. You should book your hostels as soon as you know what cities you want to go to and when. This is the time to be a go-getter, because hostels can fill up quickly and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on that place with the really comfortable beds and great vibe.
We’ve got your back. You can decide what room size you’d prefer based on your chosen hostel’s available rooms.
We work with tons of hostels in each city, so it’s unlikely that there would be no availability. But, we should warn you, the best hostels fill up the fastest so we’d always recommend booking as soon as you know where you want to go. We’re pretty great, but even we can’t make beds appear out of thin air (we’re working on it though).
We only offer dorm rooms, but stay tuned for our private room pass.
Then your next trip is that much closer! We don’t offer refunds, but if you were looking for a sign to take another trip (within one calendar year) then this is it. But make sure you travel at the same time – low season discounts can’t be used during high season.
Your HostelPass is only valid for one calendar year, so get travelling!
You must be at least 18 years old at the time of purchase to use HostelPass.
Yes! You can make sure to stay at the same hostel as your friends by adding then as your travel buddies on HostelPass. Becoming travel buddies with someone means you are giving them permission to book hostels for both of you, and vice versa. The nights for each booking made with travel buddies are deducted from each traveler’s own pass. You can make bookings for up to four people, including yourself.